Human Foosball


If you’ve played Foosball before you already have a good idea of how human foosball goes.  The great thing about this game is it allows the kids to play a soccer like game in an area that is either difficult or dangerous to play regular soccer.


You will need:
     4 Chairs or Cones or other way to mark the goals
      Masking tape
      A very soft ball.  We were lucky enough to find soccer ball pillow.

Put down 10 parallel lines of tape going across the width of the room.  These lines are like the bars on the Foosball table linking your men together.  You will want these two kid’s giant steps apart (about 6 ft). 

Set your goal markers about 10 ft apart on the outer most lines.

Divide the children into two equal teams.  And have them stand on the tape lines as indicated in the diagram.  If you happen to have 22 children then it will work out perfectly.  If you have more or less kids then arrange them on the lines in rough proportion to how they are shown on the chart.  In other words, a little less than half of one team will be on the center lines, about twice that number will be on the next lines and so on.


This game plays just like Foosball but it’s life size.  Like real Foosball the kids will have to stay in the same order on their designated line.  But, unlike the table Foosball the spacing between the children will change as they move up a down their line.

Human Foosball Field

Kids have to kick the ball (no hands) into the opposing team’s goal.  Goalies can use their hands.

Children can move back and forth on their own line but must keep at least one foot on the line at all times.

No passing teammates on their line.  The kids should pass the ball instead.


Have all of the children on Team A face Team B’s Goal.  And likewise, have all of the children on Team B face Team A’s goal.  Say to the kids, “You are now facing the goal you want to put the ball in”.  That may sound goofy but, when the team is split up on the various lines of the Foosball field they can get confused.

Continue to explain, “You may move back and forth on your line but, you must always keep at least one foot on it.  This means you won’t be able to pass someone else on your line.  So spread out and be ready to kick the ball when it comes near you.”  It’s important that the kids know they shouldn’t pass each other on their lines.  Otherwise, you’ll get some of the more aggressive children running up and down their line, doing all of the playing and not letting the other kids do anything.

Now, start some peppy music, roll the ball between the two center lines and play Foosball!

The kids will want to switch places.  That’s fine.  I had the best luck keeping this under control by becoming the Human Foosball position broker.  Kaitlin would ask me if she could switch positions with Mark.  I would ask Mark if he would like to switch places with Kaitlin.  If both said “yes” then I would have them switch.  This might sound like a pain but, it only take 5 seconds, keeps the kids happy and the game organized.

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